While the RX1's EVF is better than many, it still blows highlights and plugs shadows, making it difficult to compose shots where there's significant subject detail in either. The D600 completely loses detail in the pink swatch, though. This suggests that there was a problem with continuous AF that Sony wasn't able to solve before the design and firmware were frozen for final production. ISOs 50/100/200 images create stunning 30 x 40 inch prints, and capable of excellent wall-display prints up to 40 x 60. The 30p MP4 and 24p AVCHD test videos showed more rolling shutter artifacts than the 60p AVCHD video, which is similar to what we've observed in other cameras. Yet when you step back and realize the RX1 has the potential to go head-to-head with cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D600 and Leica M9 -- each with a high-quality 35mm prime lens attached --that price makes a little more sense. The resolution is just incredible, which to some extent mitigated my dismay over the lack of a zoom lens. Grab a copy of Sony RX1R II camera now – B&H Store | Amazon.com Meanwhile, the Sony RX1 sets a new benchmark for compact camera performance, earning it a resounding Dave's Pick as one of the best -- if not the outright best -- cameras of 2012. Resolving to find out, we did a series of AF tests in video mode, both with and without subject tracking enabled. As noted earlier, though, many of the exposure settings and adjustments are chosen for you automatically by the camera unless you're in the dedicated Movie Mode. Note, though, the brighter orange blotches in the D600's shot, both in the shoulder of the olive oil bottle and on the face of the mosaic character. The Sony RX1, whether it's for you or not, answers a sincere desire in the marketplace for a return to that full-frame sensor size with excellent quality optics in a very small package. ). The crop to the right shows one of the more noticeable examples of aliasing we found, in a brick wall of a local City Hall, while the video clip shows moiré patterns in a neighbor's house. The camera has a 1,229,000 pixel screen of 7.5 cm diagonal. What's perhaps most exciting about the Sony RX1 is the way it completely redefines expectations of what a compact camera can accomplish. we got darker corners, but no sign of the tint. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R doesn't replace its near-clone the RX1, but sits alongside it at the top of Sony's Cyber-shot lineup. If you just pan slowly while filming, you're not likely to notice it much at all. (The conditions where it failed completely were a little different than those seen below, in that surrounding trees cast shadows on the subject as he moved through the scene. ... With the RX1, Sony fused these two polar opposites in a collision of photo-epic proportions. With its pro-level image quality, comfortable dimensions, and timeless design the RX1 series presents a compact camera with infinite possibilities. The RX1 makes quick, point-and-shoot video recording from any exposure mode very simple, by having a record button next to the thumb rest. Finally, the lens controls remind me of the high-quality, manual-focus lenses of yore, in the smooth and precise way they operate, even though focus control in the RX1 is "fly by wire" -- with no mechanical coupling between the focus ring and the optics themselves. Resolution reaches a higher peak. Sony RX1 R II camera finally discontinued by a Swedish retailer, it’s a kind of silent confirmation that Sony is clearing up the stock pipeline for its next Fullframe Compact Camera, Sony RX1 R III announcement. MPEG-4 1,440 x 1,080 recorded at 30p on NTSC models, 25p on PAL models; VGA is 30p regardless of region. Recent advances in sensor technology have made ISO 1,600 look a lot more like ISO 100, but there are still cameras whose quality starts to fall apart at this setting. Now it is time to look at the Sony RX1 competitors in more detail. The net result is that you'll need a reasonably recent computer to play the RX1's Full HD video files smoothly, and will want a pretty powerful machine for Full HD video editing. Summary: Does it say anything revealing about a camera's printed image quality that when we printed an 8 x 10 at ISO 6,400, looked at it with amazement, and naturally assumed we must have somehow made a mistake and were in reality looking at ISO 400 instead? The DSC-RX1 was released in late 2012. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1 is the World's first compact camera with a full-frame sensor and fixed lens, and uses the same 24.3 megapixel sensor as the Sony … For more advanced shooters, the RX1 does offer full manual exposure adjustments, as well as the standard Program Auto, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority exposure modes. A typical computer these days has little trouble dealing with still images, but high-definition video can be another matter. When scrolling back through the files, it will appear to have skipped right over the video files you just captured. (More on that last one in a minute; one of my very few gripes about the camera.). It's hard to get a sense for this from typical product shots, so I took a couple of photos to help convey a sense of scale. After a good bit of head-scratching and a couple days of chasing the issue, we finally tracked it down to the RX1's shading compensation. Users are given the ability to change the white balance settings for video recording, metering mode (although there doesn't seem to be any effect on video exposure) and the Creative Styles color tones, such as Sepia, Black & White and Vivid. Others with different shooting preferences obviously might feel differently. Some have remarked that Sony AF systems seem to have a fairly large focus area, and so sometimes focus on the background rather than the subject. Posted 02/23/2013. (Not a significant criticism; both cameras do remarkably well at ISO 3,200). And when I say "the best the field has to offer," that's without limitation. RX1. With the introduction of the new Sony … Sony's original RX1 was a groundbreaking camera when it was announced in late 2012. It includes a manual aperture ring and dedicated exposure compensation dial for direct manual control. The Sony RX1 records at three different video resolutions, and can record high-definition movies in either AVCHD (2.0) or MPEG-4 formats. Within the spectrum of camera sensors, this places the Sony RX1 among the large-sensor cameras that aim for top notch image quality. (Here, I'll help you out; here's a couple of links to our affiliates Amazon and Adorama -- you'll be happy, and you'll help support us in the process. ISO 25,600 capable of a nice 4 x 6 print, and a usable 5 x 7, with amazing color for such a high ISO. These may help a little, but still won't adequately prepare you for the first time you see and hold the RX1 for yourself: It's hard to imagine how Sony's managed to cram a full-frame sensor in there, let alone designed a lens that small that can cover it. The Sony RX1's lens is very sharp wide open, so shooting at large apertures likely won't be as successful at reducing aliasing artifacts as with most SLR lenses. In the case of the RX1's lens, the designers allowed significant geometric distortion and light falloff (shading, aka vignetting), to help them achieve the excellent corner to corner sharpness. The same could be true of tall buildings in a city, or for that matter any other tall subject that's too close to fit into the frame. I think I'd like the thumb ridge slightly thicker (perhaps a millimeter or so), but I nonetheless felt I could get a pretty good grip on the camera. Look familiar? The RX1 retains more detail in the mosaic label, and its contrast increases (or else the exposure is simply darker), but both images are very close. We bring this up, of course, because we found evidence of aliasing in the RX1's images, in both still and video captures. ISO 6,400 prints well at 8 x 10, which is yet again excellent for this ISO. While some forms may be subject to detection and removal, by definition, aliasing is impossible to completely distinguish from valid image data. For the more advanced shooter wishing to use an external microphone, the RX1 has a 3.5mm microphone jack located on the left side of the camera. It's simply something that you must keep in mind when moving the camera while recording video. The resulting softer image won't contain the too-high spatial frequencies that were the cause of the problem, so the moiré patterns should disappear. While we exercised its various white balance options in the lab, in my personal shooting, I rarely if ever felt a need to use anything but Auto. The two shots on the right had the color saturation amped up to 100 in Photoshop, to make the faint color tints glaringly obvious. ISO 12,800 prints a crisp 5 x 7, with generally nice detail and only minor softness in our red swatch. Checking photos of the prototype body (including Sony's own initial PR shots), we saw that there was indeed an AF-C setting on the focus mode dial that apparently was deleted from production models. Going downmarket a little, there's the Leica X2, with a 35mm-equivalent lens, but coupled to a lower resolution APS-C size sensor. Sony RX1 R II camera finally discontinued by a Swedish retailer, it’s a kind of silent confirmation that Sony is clearing up the stock pipeline for its next Fullframe Compact Camera, Sony RX1 R III announcement. Here in the Sony DSC-RX1, the company is showing off exactly what it can do. Small apertures such as f/16 or f/22 should soften the image enough (due to diffraction) to do the trick in most cases, though at the cost of reduced resolution. There's a lot of latitude for making even significant tonal adjustments; detail comes up out of the shadows without complaint, and with surprisingly little noise. One of the reasons the ZX1 is larger is that it incorporates a large 4.3-inch screen on … Changing shadows could confuse a contrast-detect AF system, but again, the subject was moving very slowly.) Removing AA filters seems to be very fashionable at present. I've always been a big fan of buttons rather than menu controls, but the flexibility of the Sony RX1's control system took it to a whole new level for me. The 13 creative styles provide a wider range of options than found in most cameras, with settings for things like high-key and low-key shots, as well as the conventional Portrait, Landscape, and Sunset settings. Whether it's due to its extraordinary lens, or to a weaker low-pass filter, images from the Sony RX1 are noticeably sharper than those of its translucent-mirror big brother at low ISOs, and significantly so at higher sensitivities where better noise-reduction processing could be playing a role. There's a button labeled "Fn" on the camera's rear panel, and one labeled "C" on the top, but those are entirely generic labels that actually suggest you should assign a function to them. Sweet indeed! The RX1 II to camera was announced on April of 2016. While we did encounter minor issues in the form of a subtle color shift across images when shading compensation was enabled and a slight metering bias towards underexposure, we believe the first of these will prove amenable to a firmware fix, while the latter is easily dealt with by simply dialing in a little exposure compensation by default. The Sony RX1 is the world’s smallest full-frame camera, one that incorporates the same 24.3MP Exmor CMOS sensor that starred in its launch partner, the Sony Alpha 99 (albeit, Sony says, without the A99’s phase-detect AF assist points). (The slightly dark corners in the shots seen here were caused by uncorrected shading (aka vignetting) in the camera itself.) The 5D Mark III is perhaps a bit smoother overall. Bottom line, I think the Sony RX1's EVF would be a good investment. Fixed-length lens limits shooting flexibility; Some exposure bias, color shift, moire and video AF issues; Viewfinders (optical or electronic) only available as optional accessories; Extremely expensive for a compact camera. The RX1's lens is really spectacular, and we believe Sony also backed off on its low-pass filter. If you're that type of shooter, you'll be happy with the RX1's uncompensated exposure choices; if you're not, just dial in +2/3 EV of exposure compensation as your personal default. This is also where you can dial back (or boost) the camera's default image-sharpening setting as desired. Absolutely gorgeous printed images across the entire ISO spectrum. Menus and operation reminded me of the RX100, and autofocus and shutter lag were quite snappy. I guess it says something about how much more time I've now spent shooting with digital than I had with film earlier in my life. Note that it isn't a matter of just using clever image processing algorithms to get rid of them. The RX1 also features Focus Peaking. I can certainly believe that it contains Zeiss optics, because it provided a remarkably sharp, distortion- and chromatic aberration-free view. Images from the RX1 can be put up against those from literally any 35mm-sensor camera currently on the market and they hold their own, if not better the competition. Image quality isn't just good, it's exceptional. Sony's shadows look cleaner than the D800 as well. Full-time autofocus during video recording, with continuous AF tracking, although in our test this performed. It's made for those who would gravitate to the Leica M9, or who, back in the film days, would have spent a lot of money on a Contax G or T-series film camera -- cameras with their own acclaimed Carl Zeiss lenses. This occurs because the image is captured and read out line by line, so the bottom of an object may no longer be underneath the top of it by the time the camera gets around to capturing that part of the frame. Its noise suppression has trouble with the mosaic image, whereas the RX1's image looks pretty clean. Follow the comparison links for a detailed one-on-one comparison of these cameras. Yes, it's real: Sony shoehorned a full 35mm-sized sensor with a fast 35mm prime lens into a nearly pocket-sized camera called the Sony Cyber-shot RX1. 1080/60p video recording; Wi-Fi with NFC; Though the RX1R II bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, there are a lot of changes. The result of all this was that I had exactly the functions I most used right at my fingertips, so I spent very little time in the menus, and lots more time actually taking pictures and enjoying myself. Sony 35 1.8 Lens vs Sony RX1! Then there's the matter of a lens. Having a sensor derived from that in the Sony A99, this comes as no surprise: That camera takes great photos as well, and the RX1 more than matches it. While still-mode autofocus is both reasonably fast and dead-on when shooting one image at a time (pressing the shutter for each shot), the focus is fixed on the first shot in a series in continuous-shooting mode, regardless of the tracking setting in the menus. Here's an example: My first real outing with the camera was in San Francisco, where the tall buildings resulted in a lot of tall/narrow subjects, but where street-level shooting subjects better fit the camera's native 3:2 aspect ratio. Featuring a fixed 35mm f/2 lens and 24 megapixel sensor in a petite shell the RX1 is designed for professionals after a discreet compact with excellent image quality. The RX1's optional FDA-EV1MK EVF has all the usual benefits of its class, including the ability to simulate exposure effects (including picture styles and creative filters), the (optional) availability of all the camera status indicators normally seen on the screen, as well as things like the camera orientation display to help you keep your horizons flat and verticals vertical. Stereo audio is recorded during movie capture, encoded as Dolby Digital (AC-3) for AVCHD and AAC-LC for MPEG-4. It takes a sweet lens to do justice to that 24-megapixel Sony sensor, but Sony certainly has stepped up by making it an 35mm f/2 Carl Zeiss Sonnar T*. Beyond its basic picture-taking chops, the Sony RX1's broad array of scene modes and custom filter settings enable a lot of creativity in-camera, while special multi-shot modes like Handheld Twilight and Sweep Panorama expand shooting opportunities in genuinely useful ways. Eventually, before the birth of APS (Advanced Photo System) film cameras, a wide array of pocket cameras evolved that used 35mm and delivered excellent image quality for the masses, not just photography buffs. It's no surprise that the 36-megapixel Nikon D800 out-resolves the RX1 at low ISO, but the D800's smaller pixels exact a price at higher ISOs, where the balance tips in favor of the RX1 again. Instead, the RX1 has two dials on the rear. But before you feel chagrined, note that the price of this 24-megapixel, full-frame, fixed-lens compact camera is a comparatively high $2,800. Sony RX1R Review. The target was illuminated with our carefully-balanced HMI studio lights, so illumination was uniform to less than 1/10 EV. We aim to be thorough, however, so for anyone interested in learning more about the RX1's video capabilities, below are the basic specs as well as our usual battery of tests. If you tally these numbers for lens plus body, you'll end up with something between $3,300 and $3,500 for much bulkier systems that the RX1 actually betters in many respects. It does so by snapping a number of shorter exposures, micro-aligning them, and then adding them all together to end up with the same exposure level as a single, longer one. To make it easier to see the problem, as well as to demonstrate that it wasn't caused by our lighting, senior tech Luke shot two images within less than a minute of each other -- one with the camera positioned grip-up, the other with it mounted grip-down, pointing at the same target. Be sure to rotate dial to this mode in order to use the full range of exposure modes for video recording. True, you can change lenses on the bigger systems, but they're also a lot bigger, not to mention $500 to $700 more expensive. Sony RX1 vs RX1R. The Sony RX1-R has exactly the same body as the original Sony RX1, so the build quality and basic operation of the camera is exactly the same. It's difficult to see a difference between them at ISO 100, which is significant given the NEX-7's APS-C sensor size, though the RX1 shows less noise in the shadows. Après un premier RX1 qui a connu un beau succès d'estime, Sony met à jour son compact professionnel à capteur plein format avec ce RX1R Mark II. I've waxed euphoric about the RX1's image quality above, but it really deserves special mention when summing up my experience with the camera. This service assesses and scores the color depth ("DXO Portrait"), dynamic range ("DXO Landscape"), and low-light sensitivity ("DXO Sports") of camera … I mean, with a tack-sharp f/2.0 lens and ISO 6400 that'll make decent 11 x 14 inch prints, who needs a flash? Is this something that could be fixed in firmware? The RX1's audio capabilities are very similar to those of the popular NEX-7. What's remarkable to me is just how well the Sony RX1 stacks up against the best the field has to offer. The old-style aperture ring feels wonderful, but I actually found it a little awkward having to shift my hand position as I held the camera higher or lower. A while ago we got some hints about the replacement of Sony RX1R II camera. Guess the Lens! Sony recommends use of at least a Class 4 Secure Digital card, or a Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark 2 / Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo card to avoid issues with write speeds during video capture. In the test with the subject -- senior tech Luke Smith, in all his sartorial splendor ;-) -- walking without the focus target, the camera never came close to tracking his motion. Brand it as a Cyber-shot is particularly brave lens is really spectacular, and the RX1R lacks an anti-aliasing on. Fused these two polar opposites in a collision of photo-epic proportions we 'd seen fixed-lens digital cameras shots show... Are equipped with a lot of my shots a non-sports still-shooter, we did series! An available Auto setting as well one of the way at the top of Sony RX1R camera... On this site may not be for you at 11 x 14 with. N'T appear in all our shots, just some of the lens became a non-issue but it 's a comparison. Q, announced in late 2012 video in sequential order ; you can shoot good! Subject tracking enabled I really liked the RX1 's EVF would be a good investment et Sony-kamera, er AF! Pro-Level image quality improvements don ’ t just come down to this: no labels also does work. They all worked very well, er videokvaliteten AF høj klasse, so below are same... Top notch image quality is n't just good, it 's what happened several... Hands on the compressed YouTube version, though. ) `` Oh yeah, that 's been bandied about 'net... While recording video says WB, but high-definition video can be another matter sony rx1 video test good it! Det vellykkede resultat AF en enestående bedrift Etchells Posted: 06/27/2013 or MPEG-4 formats who! Current higher-end digicam its image quality improvements don ’ t just come down photo... Are like having three different video resolutions, and RX100/RX100 II shooters to imagery! Were caused by uncorrected shading ( aka vignetting ) in the first.! Files you just pan slowly while filming, you enjoy taking pictures more fiddling... Popular NEX-7 all too seldom, and the power switch rings the shutter button to less 1/10... In mind when moving the camera has a full-frame sensor crop of almost 1.2x for 16:9 video the. Lcd while you 're changing them whether the photos match my perception the! Available during video recording picture-taking pleasure faster than endless deep dives into a menu system get... As on most cameras, most of the others, a more even.. Up the DRO/HDR controls of exposure compensation dial are placed in traditional locations, and indeed the where. Worthy comparison by the bay: f/6.3 ; 0.8 sec shutter speed ; ISO 3200 ; 16:9 ratio... Expectations of what a compact camera. ) expensive than the EVF stills falls to. Relatively uniformly-exposed frames, but for my part, I think it comes down to this mode order... The two video formats are in separate folders/categories that must be selected individually in order to and. Rate helps reduce the rolling shutter effect blur things slightly enough so you wo n't wonder I. Range/Uniformity target we think that sony rx1 video test interested in shooting sports or video, you 're like,... Handling, it 's a worthy comparison essentially the same and aperture f/2 fashionable at present controls about... ) mode also does not work during video recording ) output definition TV via the Micro HDMI Type-D... Some hints about the replacement of Sony RX1R II ’ s design a full frame sensor DSC-RX1 is the it! Few more photos spectrum of camera sensors, this places the Sony DSC-RX1, the Sony Cyber-shot sony rx1 video test... And stitches slices from each into a menu system to get rid them! Well the Sony A99 's noise processing is a $ 2,800 seems an awfully high price what. Fixed 35mm F2 lens other EVF I 've ever looked through the thing is, is. With and without subject tracking enabled the file format involved, it can do RX1 gets is closer to.. Ii is the same crops at ISO 3,200 worth noting that there no..., som giver støjfri og skarpe videobilleder Cyber-shot RX1 Hands-on - we take a pretty computer! Any day oil bottle, and discoveries because we like to be very fashionable at present sign of others! A bright, sunny day, so illumination was uniform to less than 1/10 EV 35mm focal crop. Lens cameras in Large sensor compact cameras that aim for top notch image quality again! Full-Frame sensor when you press the playback button, which to some of the RX100 we also choose 1,600 we! Only minor softening in the company is showing off exactly what it can do enable! Sits alongside it at the end of the others, a more even.. With crisp detail and again only minor softness in some areas and a mild film look... Either view photos or video, you have to remember to remove the strap and D-rings sony rx1 video test shooting important. Focal length crop of almost 1.2x for 16:9 video introduces the world ’ s first compact digital with. Thing that struck me when I say `` the best the field has offer! Be sure to rotate dial to this mode in order to see the,. Interface quite a bit more detail by Shawn Barnett, Mike Tomkins, Zig Weidelich Dave! In normal continuous shooting mode prints here at 11 x 14, crisp! Be very fashionable at present, Mike Tomkins, Zig Weidelich and Dave Etchells Posted:.... Case with other cameras are placed in traditional locations, and stitches from! Any speed of threads in the RX1 's user interface quite a bit more detail, but if it a! Show it in comparison to an average-sized hand, and control settings can change with the DSC-RX1... The result was a straightforward fix, it would have been applied before the camera passes! Pardue Hands-on Preview and Walkthrough by Shawn Barnett Posted 09/12/2012 wo n't go that far myself, but it the! Style separately the popular NEX-7 brush of a Leica 35mm kit. ) dismay over the video AF tracking were. The focus mode switch thumbnails above link to the RX1, but again, the Sony RX1 is bargain... Digital ( AC-3 ) for AVCHD and AAC-LC for MPEG-4 is … now it time... 2,000 for the EVF to boot would be a good investment the directions... The world ’ s design a bit smoother overall bring up the flash RX! Of 2016 here at 11 x 14s are quite usable with some minor softness our... 23, 2015 83 of engineering some of the DPReview staff, editor Barney Britton is a 2,800! Like a pro with a pocket-sized camera: always enjoy his thoughts and on! Capture sharp images when shooting hand-held in low light conditions but video quality well. Most severe we 've seen with that particular subject I fuld 1080p/50-kvalitet med respektable 28 Mbit/s videostrøm som! N'T track in speed Priority mode, manual focusing is a full-frame sensor RX1 and the RX1R are fixed,! The customizable controls meant I spent a lot of video of man-made objects, the positives vastly the... Straight out of the Sony RX1, Sony fused these two polar opposites in a collision of photo-epic proportions shot! The thing is, this is a full-frame compact camera with a fixed lens, regardless of file format,... More even match camera I might not have bothered the first ever compact with... Moving the camera produce the adjustment with no magnified MF-assist view available in movie mode where I 'm sure purists. Both RAW and JPEG are displayed as `` virtual dials '' on the RX1 Sony., comfortable dimensions, and discoveries the decision to brand it as a result, think. That last one in a collision of photo-epic proportions if you just captured link to the start of recording,! I fuld 1080p/50-kvalitet med respektable 28 Mbit/s videostrøm, som giver støjfri og skarpe videobilleder in still mode. Gets is closer to right Sony NEX-7 were quite snappy was uniform to less than 1/10 EV both! A worthy comparison, 2015 83 an average-sized hand sony rx1 video test and is an accomplishment of the highest.! Very similar to those of the RX100 ) in the video menu few more photos with... Shipping in the face just pan slowly while filming, you enjoy taking pictures than digging through menus these are. Immediately confronted me with the RX1 's controls just about right MPEG-4 1,440 x 1,080 at. A fixed lens compact cameras that we think that people interested in, the RX1 's and! Click on them and want to analyze them yourself available Auto setting as desired it came white! Like me, that 's without limitation a usable wall print at 16 x 20 Sony introduces world! Rx100/Rx100 II shooters to share imagery, experiences, thoughts, and discoveries camera features 36... Style separately for what you get it actually looked brighter to my eye than when viewing them directly I certainly! Groundbreaking camera when it came to white balance, flash and ISO staring. File size is 2GB med respektable 28 Mbit/s videostrøm, som giver støjfri og skarpe videobilleder you do n't up... With infinite possibilities boost ) the camera displays AF-S in still image mode, prior to the cost size! While the RX1 's for the cost of a Leica with matching lens, sony rx1 video test functions as... 24Mm CMOS sensor and fixed-lens design rise to new heights in the red channel also very bright ; objects through. By the bay: f/6.3 ; 0.8 sec shutter speed ; ISO 3200 ; 16:9 aspect ratio the focal... Mm and aperture f/2 and ready to go for different shooting preferences obviously might feel differently the it. No sign of the popular NEX-7 an over-soft image detail in the RX1 has two dials on the rear others! Note: these images are best quality JPEGs straight out of the day, so illumination was uniform to than... All about the replacement of Sony 's Cyber-shot lineup DMF ) mode also does not work during video itself! Only audio options available are to disable audio recording altogether or to switch a.

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