sent out a solicitation contract for a 10x sniper scope with very specific mil-spec features. PX Member. Thank you for your great article, and giving me reason to share my fond memories of the Unertyl family, their great history and their great optics. This resulted in Winchester doing absolutely stupid things in response, trying to out-schlock Remington. When Redfield was going through the bankruptcy process, a scope repair facility called Ironsight supposedly purchased all the remaining Redfield parts inventory and Redfield scope repair tools. 1.6k. Mike Walker might be one? Be gentle when adjusting and do not even think of removing the front lens. Cook with confidence. I bought it immediately and called it my love triangle gun. I totally enjoyed reading this information packed article. going to make it building scopes. I still have the opportunity to get together with the few remaing the 870 and 700 are so popular among so many and held so high and few know they exist just as a cost and corner cutting economy option. In 2009, Leupold reintroduces the Redfield line of rifle scopes to the market, with those models being manufactured in Leupold’s Beaverton Oregon facility. John Unertl Sr. pictured below, top row second from left. Anyone have any experience with converting Unertl mounts for Lyman bases? He seemed a decent enough guy and in the short non-business interactions I had with him I can’t say a bad word about him for what that’s worth. A few years ago I saw a post on TFB where one of their worthies ran into a guy who had a Unertl optic and he was shocked as he had never seen nor heard of one. Here’s a break-down of the answer to that question using generations to help define the answer: That being said, modern day Redfield scope models (made by Leupold) are still very much available, and here are a few of my favorite Redfield models: Here are a couple of other commonly asked questions that I get in regard to Redfield scopes: Like most of the questions associated with Redfield scopes, the answer somewhat depends on the specific generation and maker/manufacturer of the Redfield scope in question. whom I thought was John Unertl. While the questions about Redfield scopes are varied, one of the more popular questions I’m asked is: were or have Redfield scopes discontinued? I had unscrewed it and dried the insides. He asked if I could bring it back in a couple months because he was the only employee at the time that had any experience with that scope. I’ve dealt with Ironsight on a number of occasions for customers who needed a Redfield scope repaired, and Ironsight does excellent work at what I consider very reasonable prices. My dad always laughed when he would tell the story of Mr. Unertyl visiting the shop one day, and asked my dad to sandblast a piece of thick glass. When Mr. Unertyl told him it was a $100k military weapon lens my dad said, I’m glad you waited to tell me until I was done otherwise I would have been too nervous. Around that time a few scopes trickled out. The 1980’s and 1990’s proved to be a challenging time for Redfield as the sporting optics industry was changing. I must say it was a sad moment. When the US Optics scopes were announced and then delayed for years (I still have the original sheets and order forms) and then the Unertl company appeared to be resurrecting and bringing lawsuits I didn’t know if I’d ever get a scope. Box included. I was schooled as a mechanical engineer because that was what was expected. PROBLEM: I unscrewed the lock ring after allowing some time and a few drops of oil to help loosen it (it did not want to budge at first until I allowed time for the oil to do it’s work)…but I finally got it to unscrew using just my hand…no tools… which was always my objective. The old Lyman was finally retired due to a shot-out barrel, which was never replaced. However, I’m not sure the future is all that bright for Redfield. (2)  Any records from the original Redfield facility in Denver Colorado have been lost, misplaced, or destroyed when the company was disbanded in bankruptcy. years later, after both Unertyl Optics and Flaig’s Gun Shop both closed, when I walked into a Pittsburgh gun shop and there on the used gun rack was a 1934 Production Flaig’s Custom Mauser Action 257 W/Magnum bull barrel bench gun fitted with a Unertyl 12X scope. They were assembled, taken down, re-assembled,, numerous times. Many rifle scope competitor brands were starting to use parts (including lenses) from outside the USA in order to reduce production costs to stay competitive. Our magazine is gear heavy featuring a plethora of guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. The company was purchased for its advanced designs for missile tracking and guidance systems during the cold war. Blount transported all the Redfield items they had purchased to a Weaver facility in Wisconsin and started offering Redfield branded scopes to the market. Third-person models use different low-poly models, and may or may not mirrored, while the buy icons are lifte… From my experience, there are very few American gun buyers who have any appreciation for quality in firearms any more. Leupold still owns and operates the Redfield line as of 2020. The Unertl employees were true atrisans that made these rifle scopes. 0 My father John Unertl Jr., was a brilliant engineer, but frankly didn’t care much at all about ‘marketing’, relegating this to mostly bullshit. I had neither the time, inclination, and didn’t want to make the financial 8 2 28. A model was also made for use on the M82, 50BMG sniper rifle. If we’re talking Redfield scopes made by Leupold, only the Redfield Revolution series of scopes were/are made in the USA. CP Scott: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred" All of the personalities involved here were strong personalities in their own right. Receipt of … Most CNC machines can repeat positioning to no better than 0.0002″. They did, however, provide the load specifications to RUAG Ammotec, which was their sole provider. Lots of people who have never made a part in their lives, never mind actually fit something together in firearms, think that CNC machines are magic: you just draw up something in a CAD program, stuff it through a CAM system to come up with a toolpath, drop in the blank material on the workholding or fixtures, hit the green button and go get rich. Hot New Top Rising. 1-877-798-9686; MAILING ADDRESS 0 While there is a fair amount of information available dealing with Redfield’s company history, not much seems to be available in terms of the history of specific Redfield scope models. Secondly I could see that my father was not doing the necessary training and improvement for future development and expansion. 1.6k. M. Joined: Jan 2020. I had a 15X Unertl Ultra Varmint scope that sat atop my old Remington 40XB 6mm Rem. Family discord for one. But the objective on the end of the scope does not rotate. I remember this from back in the day as well. Out of 860 rockets fired onto the airport in a six month period only one hit the runway says Burt. I decided to get a clone 1903a4 sniper after reading all the reviews on who actually made what for who, who uses what ect ect I went with the RockRidgeMacineWorks labeled one. Redfield filed for bankruptcy, sold off all the company assets, and officially ceased operations in the summer of 1998. He wanted to entirely go through my scope for $150 which is more than the scope is worth. J. Unertl Sr.  immigrated to the US from Germany and  worked for J. W. Fecker. Thanks for posting it. long as its cheap. Old Reddit. The other Redfield series offered by Leupold, such as the Battlezone, Revenge, and Counterstrike models were produced for Leupold at facilities in the Philippines or China (depending on the specific series). I have long forgot where I got it from but a clever googler I’m sure could turn it up. It wasn’t until I also recall visiting Flaig’s Gun Shop and admiring the customized guns produced by their gunsmiths. I’m just providing the contact info for a potential resource. To provide additional context: (1) Warranty on the original, 1st generation Redfield scopes that were produced at the Denver Colorado facility: These scopes came with a limited lifetime warranty, which Redfield serviced until they went out of business i… Also, in addition to phasing down the number of Redfield rifle scope series they offer, Leupold also has not released a Redfield catalog or updated the Redfield portion of their website since 2014. Ain’t that the damned truth. Eventually his travels led John to start the Western Gun Sight Company in Denver in 1909. PRIME did not manufacture their own ammunition. I elected to resign at that point and move on. The original was developed for use on the M40A1 sniper rile and was in use even through to the M40A3 and A5  models though it is now probably complete phased out. I had the impression he was pricing himself out of business. You see I had with me a hunting style Unertl scope that had fogged on me. Apr 25, 2017 13,431 17,805. Now I’ve indirectly heard it about optics. 1st Generation, original Redfield scopes – These were manufactured in the Denver Colorado Redfield facility, and were discontinued when Redfield went out of business is 1998. Note that I’m not affiliated with Ironsight in any way. During my time answering rifle scope questions at my day job, hardly a week goes by without a customer asking a question pertaining to Redfield scopes. The Navy bought a large number of the Tasco product under the contract #N00164-93-C-205. I’m not sure if any of you out there were aware we made very sophisticated optical/mechanical instrumentation, optics for military jet gunsights, fire control optics (military stuff, not firemen) and wind tunnel instrumentation. My heart strings pulled, but the realities of the situation were compelling. Like most of the questions associated with Redfield scopes, the answer somewhat depends on the specific generation and maker/manufacturer of the Redfield scope in question. I speak from my own experience only. Snipers generally have specialized training and are equipped with high-precision rifles and high-magnification optics, and often also serve as scouts/observers feeding tactical information back to their units or command headquarters. It doesn’t budge at all. I only wish he would have written a book or an article about the company in some form for posterity. They’re both functional guns, but neither one is a quality firearm, and neither one can be turned into a quality firearm any more than you could turn a cowpie into a bronze sculpture. Several companies (including Tasco, B&L and Leupold) submitted scopes specially built to the contract specifications. Not much had changed. In my experience, you’ve got two options for that: (1)  You can keep your eyes open on a site like Ebay to see if someone posts any for sale. The gun sights he designed proved to be a success, and his son Wyatt joined the business. 4 4 & 10 More. share. People can get angry at me for this but Ruger has a hand in that as well. I can only imagine the quality of the target and varmint scopes. Any truth to this story? Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 vs Nightforce NX8 4-32×50 F1 Comparison, Understanding the Differences Between Tikka T1x Scope Mounts, Tikka T1X Scope Rings, and Tikka T1X Scope Bases. Campfire Regular. In general tho, most machines hold the precision I’ve outlined above (eg, Haas, et al). In 1932, Redfield opted to rename the company the Redfield Gun Sight Company so that customers knew they were buying a Redfield product. commitment. What people weren’t aware of at that time, is that Tasco was going out of business. Unertl optics helped set many world records,m win matches and make history in wars. Well, in 1926 when a Winchester Model52 rifle cost $36 yankee greenbacks, a Fecker optic would cost from $30 to $50 yankee dollars. I canceled everything with them and hope they go out of business. "Companies don't go out of business, they run out of money." Overview and Reviews of Different Rifle Scope Models. They were pretty meh if  you are a real 1911 guy. While it’s not the same as honoring the original Redfield warranty, it is better than nothing. However, it appears that this time the mirroring is an intentional homage to the original CS games rather than an accident from the animation process, as some of the weapons have non-mirrored markings, suggesting that they were intentionally modeled as mirrored weapons.
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